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IP (Internet Protocol) is responsible for addressing hosts and routing data packets from the source host to the destination host across a network. The IP address is just a series of four numbers, each separated by a dot, is used to locate a computer or server in a network. The IP address can also represent a website address. The IP allows one computer or server to communicate with another via the internet or network. The IP is also known as TCP (Transmission Control Protocol). So we are over with the introduction part of the IP.

Who is Hosting

Have you ever tried to figure out Who Hosts This IP?  This question is not common because people will not think much as they want their work to be done it doesn’t matter who is Hosting This IP? However, we can easily find out each and every detail associated with the IP address.

How to find out Who Hosts This IP? A particular IP address is taken, and you can use any of the free tools and software’s available for checking the location of an IP address. These tools are designed to provide additional information about the entered IP address.

You can really find out:

  1. The hostname
  2. Geographic location information (includes country, region/state, city, latitude, longitude and telephone area code.), and
  3. A location-specific map.
  4. Who is Hosting This IP?

 Who is Hosting IP

The geographic details are pulled from a commercially available Geo-location database. Geo-location technology can never be 100% accurate in providing the location of an IP address. When the IP address is a proxy server, and it does not expose the user’s IP address it is virtually impossible to locate the user. The country accuracy is about 99%. By default, these tools will look up the IP address that you are using.

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